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Security and protection measures for NATO Summit have been established as of this morning
Tuesday, 01.04.2008, 10:30 PM

Land, air and sea security measures are applied as of today, 1 April, 07.00 hours.

Air traffic is surveyed by air patrols of the Romanian Air Forces, backed by NATO patrols, as the responsibility for the air space security and protection operation rests with Romania. During the Summit, Romania’s air space will be overflown by NATO AWACS air surveillance aircraft. In case of unauthorized use of the air space or unapproved route change, there exist National and International Regulations which will be applied by those in charge of the air space security.  

As of today, a series of flight restrictions have been imposed. They involve forbidding flights in the area of Bucharest, except General Air Traffic flights and Summit flights. It has been provided for exceptions for the aircraft that announce emergency situations or for flights carried out as part of life rescue operations.

Naval traffic in the area of the Romanian coast will be monitored by the Border Police and the Romanian Military Navy Command. Naval traffic will be restricted on certain sectors and time intervals, in the area of Agigea and Ovidiu locks.  

Patrol boats carry out shore and coast surveillance. The Military Navy frigates survey the traffic of civil boats in Romania’s territorial waters, and in the contiguous area, without intervening in traffic. If there occur unauthorized entries to Romania’s territorial waters, procedures stipulated in the maritime international legislation are applied, starting with the interrogation and search of the unauthorized boat.  

Road traffic in Bucharest is restricted as of 1 April 2008, 07.00 hours. The single corridor has been closed, being exclusively reserved for motorcade movements. The areas where Summit activities are taking place will also be restricted.

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