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The Romanian and US Presidents travelled in Romania’s air space at the same time
Wednesday, 02.04.2008, 04:20 PM

The presidential planes overflew Romania’s air space at the same time, travelling from Bucharest to Constanţa and back.

The pilots of the two presidential aircraft could communicate, being coordinated by the air traffic controllers of „Henri Coandă” International Airport.

While the two planes were flying, the air space was monitored and surveyed by NATO AWACS aircraft.

The two presidents travelled in aircraft made by the same company: Romania’s President in a Boeing 707, and the US President in a Boeing 747.

The flight and landing of the two planes were performed in optimal conditions, and the security measures provided by the Romanian and American specialists are still in force on the route along which the two Heads of State will travel and at the venues where they are expected to have activities later today.

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