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The National Security Committee for the NATO Summit 2008
Saturday, 05.04.2008, 12:56 PM

Throughout the NATO Summit, the security of the dignitaries, activities and objectives was provided within the parameters stipulated by the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between NATO Task Force and Romania.

The public appreciative statements made by the NATO Secretary General, Mr Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, and by the Director of the NATO Office of Security (NOS), Mr Michael Turner Evanoff, also refer to the effective way in which the efforts of the national institutions involved in providing security for the NATO Summit proceedings were harmonized. 

The National Security Committee for NATO Summit thanks the citizens of Bucharest for the understanding that they showed towards the exceptional organization and security measures taken by the authorities. 

Moreover, the Committee thanks all the media institutions, as well as the accredited journalists, for the professionalism and impartiality showed in presenting the activities carried out by the institutions involved in providing the NATO Summit security, both between 2-4 April and during the joint training exercises. 

National Security Committee for 
NATO Summit Bucharest 2008

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