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05:35 PM Security restrictions on DN1 and in Bucharest are being lifted
04:48 PM The Director of the NATO Office of Security, Michael Turner Evanoff: ”The success of this Summit placed Romania on the map”
04:45 PM More than 120 aircraft were used for the transportation of the official delegations participating in the NATO Summit
08:28 PM Vladimir Putin arrived at Bucharest
04:22 PM Medical assistance provided during the NATO Summit
03:58 PM Clearance has been granted for a flight corridor for a medical emergency case
03:49 PM Representatives of 23 countries will arrive at Bucharest on Thursday
09:00 PM The most important European leaders have arrived in Romania
04:20 The Romanian and US Presidents travelled in Romania’s air space at the same time
03:35 PM The visit to Constanţa by the US President, George W. Bush, is over
03:25 PM
Traffic stopped for half an hour
02:45 PM Public transportation alternatives in Cotroceni and Drumul Taberei areas
02:40 PM Medical emergencies are solved in due time
02:15 PM Recommendations for journeys towards Prahova Valley
12:27 PM Clearance has been granted for a flight corridor for a medical emergency case
11:45 AM The Romanian and US Presidents landed at Constanţafor the bilateral meeting
11:25 AM Normal road traffic today, on the first day of the NATO Summit
10:50 AM
12 Heads of State are expected to arrive at Bucharest today for the NATO Summit
05:40 PM The Secretary General of the North-Atlantic Alliance has arrived to Bucharest
10:30 AM Security and protection measures for NATO Summit have been established as of this morning
08:10 PM Traffic restrictions in Bucharest between 1-4 April
08:00 PM No restrictions for the subway during the NATO Summit
07:30 PM  General Rehearsal in Constanţa County
03:45 PM
Starting tomorrow, as of 07.00 hrs, vehicle and pedestrian traffic restriction will be imposed in Bucharest
01:54 PM More public transportation means in Bucharest during the NATO Summit
06:00 PM The general simulation for the Summit is on schedule
05:30 PM Lifting of the security dispositions in the area of Cotroceni Palace started at 17.30 hrs
04:00 PM The Protection and Guard Service reports that restrictions on DN1 will be lifted in maximum one hour and a half (at approximately 17.30 hrs)
03:30 PM Motorcades are en route to Cotroceni Palace in order to simulate the participation to the official dinner
02:00 PM At this time, the motorcades simulate picking up delegations from “Henri Coandă” International Airport
01:00 PM The general simulation of the protection and security measures for the NATO Summit has started
12:45 PM
Traffic restrictions on 29 March 2008 between 12.30 hrs - 24.00 hrs
12:00 PM
Restrictions for NATO Summit will be enforced in Bucharest today, starting 12.30 hrs
07:30 PM Constanţa – restrictions on the occasion of Romania-United States of America bilateral meeting
10:42 AM Some Public Transportation Lines in Bucharest Will Be Deviated from Their Usual Route during the Summit in April and during the General Simulation
10:19 AM Traffic in Bucharest during the NATO Summit
09:57 AM The Supreme National Defence Council has decided to raise the terrorist alert level to YELLOW - ELEVATED
12:01 PM The National Security Committee for NATO Summit - 2008 has been to Constanţa County
07:15 PM The Weekly Meeting of the National Security Committee for NATO Summit - Bucharest 2008
05:00 PM Guarded Parking Lots for the Vehicles in the NATO Summit Motorcades
04:30 PM Final Preparations at the Ministry of Defence
03:10 PM Traffic Restrictions in Bucharest on the Occasion of the NATO Summit
02:19 PM The National Security Comittee for NATO Sumitt has been to Constanta
02:04 PM Presentation of the Teams That Will Provide Medical and Food Security for the High Officials Participating in the April NATO Summit
07:05 PM  Joint Exercises on „Henri Coandă” International Airport, with a view to preparing the NATO Summit in April 2008
07:05 PM The meeting of the National Security Committee for NATO Summit
05:45 PM The meeting of the National Security Committee for NATO Summit – Bucharest 2008
05:59 PM Exercises Carried Out by Snipers, EOD Teams and NBC Specialists with a View to the NATO Summit in Bucharest
04:47 PM Invitation - Joint exercises at the airport with a view to training for the NATO Summit in April
11.03.2008 Braşov, Constanţa and Prahova counties are considered for security measures  in case high level meetings are organized in these areas
10.03.2008 Invitation - Joint Exercises of Sniper and EOD Teams for the NATO Summit
12:45 PM The drivers that will drive the vehicles in the official motorcade train for the NATO Summit
12:39 PM The information regarding the protection and security measures for the Summit in Bucharest are released by means of a special web page
07.03.2008 Decisions of the National Security Committee for NATO Summit Bucharest 2008 
04.03.2008 Joint security training for the NATO Summit in Bucharest
The Protection and Guard Service and the Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform have shown the inhabitants of Bucharest the type of measures to be taken when street violence occurs
01.02.2008 The first lead advance groups for the preparation of the NATO Summit 2008 arrived in Bucharest
22.01.2008 The National Security Commandment for the NATO Summit- Bucharest 2008 is ready for the mission
The National Security Committee for the NATO Summit 2008
Saturday, 05.04.2008, 12:56 PM

Throughout the NATO Summit, the security of the dignitaries, activities and objectives was provided within the parameters stipulated by the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between NATO Task Force and Romania.

The public appreciative statements made by the NATO Secretary General, Mr Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, and by the Director of the NATO Office of Security (NOS), Mr Michael Turner Evanoff, also refer to the effective way in which the efforts of the national institutions involved in providing security for the NATO Summit proceedings were harmonized. 

The National Security Committee for NATO Summit thanks ...[more]
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